What to Look For In Used Commercials

A used commercial may have worked for years, unlike one that is just coming from the shop. You do not have any information about the service history and the usage of the vehicle and thus you need to be very careful when buying. This is some things you need to look for when buying a used commercial.

Type of Vehicle

Before you start looking for the type of commercial vehicle you need. This will be guided by what you presume to use the vehicle for. However good the deal may be, do not buy a commercial that will not fit your needs. Consider the size of the engine. If you will be using it for short distances then a shot engine will be okay but if it is long distance then you need a strong engine.

Checking the Vehicle

Once you have done your search and got the exact vehicle you need, it is time for a thorough check-up. The price should not seduce you since you may end up using much more in maintenance. Check the bodywork and ensure there are no signs of repair. Ensure the doors close and open well.

Check the vehicle’s interior for any wear and tear. The in-car electronics, windows, seatbelts, and locks should be functioning well. Also ensure that all the equipment such as suspension, lights, air conditioning, brakes, tyres, engine, and steering are working perfectly.


Every used commercial vehicle irrespective of its type should have some documents. Ensure you go through all of them including the old receipts. This will give you clear information about the history of the vehicle. They should show the service done on the vehicle and parts that have been fitted in it. Compare the mileage of the vehicle with what is on the dashboard. Ask for the service book for it will show you how the previous owner looked after the commercial vehicle.


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