A Look at Renault D Range Trucks

Renault D Range


The Renault trucks range is mainly designed for use in the urban areas. Renault offers different types of trucks, and their configurations range from 3.5 to 26 tones, several bodywork configurations, and differing axle configurations. The Renault trucks D are inspired by the design used for new Renault and also meet the norm requirements of Euro 6.

1.    Models of Renault Truck D Range

There are four models of trucks in the D range. Only three of these four models will be available for use in the urban areas. They are the Renault truck D that range between 3.5 and 7.5 tones, Renault Trucks D Wide 2.3m cab and the GVW which ranges from16 to 26 tonnes and Renault Trucks D 2m cab and the GVW ranging between 10 and 18 tonnes. The Renault trucks will then finish the range of trucks for waste collection.

2.    Euro 6 Engines

All the Renault trucks in the D range are equipped with Euro 6 engines. They either have a 4-cylinder DTI 5 engine or 6- cylinder Euro 6 DTI 8 engine. The 4-cylinder Euro 6, 240hp engine used in the trucks are the most powerful in the market.

3.    A robust Truck

The range D trucks have all been tested under harsh load conditions. You can be assured that these trucks are durable and very reliable. Materials and equipment used to make this truck are high quality and they guarantee you of its strength.

4.    Versatile

These trucks have been designed for urban areas, and thus you can get around town with them comfortably. You can use the range D trucks to access even the most congested areas of town. They will reduce the delivery time and thus save you both time and money.

With the Renault Range D trucks, you can be sure that your needs will be met. The truck will work for you despite the terrains and ensure that the deliveries reach on time.