Benefits Of Truck Leasing In Ireland

 Benefits of Leasing Trucks Instead of Buying

A truck lease is a contractual agreement where the lessee pays for the use of the truck to the lessor. Leasing a truck unlike buying is quite beneficial. There is no point when leasing will be similar to buying. Below are some of the benefits you will get from leasing a truck instead of buying one.

1.    Removes Hidden Costs

Owning a fleet of trucks will come with associated overhead costs. Some people will tend to ignore that they do not exist but the truth is that it will be quite expensive. Some of the cost here includes washing charges, taxes, towing costs and licensing just to mention a few. All this cost will be avoided if you just lease a truck.

2.    Reduces Repair and Maintenance Expenses

The cost of repair and maintenance increases as the number of days you own a truck increases. These are costs such as routine inspections, oil charges, and tire costs. A full lease will cover all these costs associated with repair and maintenance. The car leasing company will be responsible for all these costs. All this is catered for at monthly predictable costs.

3.    Easier your Hassles

Apart from the indirect costs that you will have to take care of when you buy a truck, you will also some hassles to deal with like fees for training drivers, time lost when the truck breaks down, potential issues with compliance and costs for replacing drivers. All this will be covered when you lease the truck.

4.    Gives you Time to Focus on Your Business Model

Buying a truck will cost you a huge amount of money compared to leasing. Paying this cost means you are losing up capital, which you could have spent on something else in your business. Leasing will free some of this money and you can use it to purchase and support programs that are directly related to your model of business.


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