Maximum maneuverability in all situations: maximum payload, high load capacity and low fuel consumption make the MAN TGL a true “Multi-talent” that looks good anywhere: from the municipal services to the construction or the classic distribution carriage . Regardless of the requirements imposed, MAN TGL accurately adapts to all specific needs.

Due to the short wheelbase, the MAN TGL is especially maneuverable. A particularly useful feature when used on construction sites where space is limited or in dense urban traffic. And with the innovative, lightweight D08 series of engines, it’s already saving up to 5% of fuel. This is possible, among others, thanks to its thinner body and the smallest number of components, which makes its maintenance even easier. It is with pleasure that you can enjoy the best driving dynamics of the MAN TGL.

With the new generation of D08 engines from MAN, it is possible to reduce the consumption by 5% plus more CV and torque. This was possible, thanks to a simplified cleaning of the exhaust and refrigeration, the engine is lighter, less complex and consequently, maintenance is simpler. Another advantage is that this new generation of engines can also be supplied with environmentally friendly biodiesel, practically non-polluting. With the use of reduced weight components such as the low weight oil carton, the MAN TGL payload is higher. With this new D08 engine, there will never be any failures!

In the comfort zone: whether it’s a C, L, LX cab or a double cab – MAN TGL’s spacious cabins always have a strong well-being atmosphere.

Local transport and distribution, as well as construction sites, require agile vehicles that can be maneuvered easily and have compact exterior dimensions. The short and narrow C cab is perfect for that. An extremely low entry, wide-opening doors and comfortable passenger-side passageway make the compact cab multifaceted.

The four-door double cab offers enough space for up to seven people through a comfortable four-seat row with three-point seat belts at the rear and an optional second passenger seat. Thus, the double cabin offers the largest interior volume of this class of vehicles.

The L Cabin is really multifaceted and very versatile. The driver’s cab is ideal for all tanker trucks and silo trucks, as well as for transporting timber, building materials and refrigerated products. Thanks to the reduced total height of the vehicle and the reduced weight, the L-cab allows a higher payload compared to larger models.

The LX driver’s cab is narrow, and is perfect for special applications with high payload on long-haul national transport, for example in tank transport. The aerodynamic front of the vehicle minimizes fuel consumption, and its comparatively lower weight offers a considerable advantage in terms of payload. For the driver, the LX booth represents a workplace where welfare reigns.

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