MAN TGM Trucks Ireland redefines profitability in heavy-duty transport and medium-load distribution: equipped with an optimized power package, the TGM ensures even greater comfort and increased fuel economy. Thanks to the innovative D08 engine, in addition to weight and time, it saves even more 5% on your fuel consumption. Whether it’s in distribution or municipal services or in the yard: our MAN TGM is as versatile as the challenges in your everyday life.

You can customize the MAN TGM to your application area through different variants of engine, equipment and bodywork. And also on the dashboard: the most modern efficiency and safety systems, as well as a complete driver’s work station, which makes you feel at home even when traveling. MAN TGM has many talents. Your greatest talent: give your business a boost.

The new D08 engine from Man weighs up to 103 kg less than the previous model. Thanks to a robust plastic oil cap and the reduced number of components, not only are the weight and maintenance shortages reduced, but the fuel consumption is also reduced. You can save up to an additional 5% on fuel costs. The new single phase exhaust turbocharger ensures a true evolution of power and a greater degree of efficiency. In summary: with the new D08 engines from MAN, maximum power and maximum efficiency go hand in hand. If desired, it obtains an additional rating in terms of environmental impact, using paraffin fuels and all without re-engineering equipment changes.

Different variants with extraordinary comfort: because each task imposes different requirements to the cabin, with us can choose one of four cabins.

Local transport and distribution, as well as construction sites, require agile vehicles that can be maneuvered easily and have compact exterior dimensions. The short and narrow C cab is perfect for that.

The four-door double cab offers enough space for up to seven people through a comfortable four-seat row with three-point seat belts at the rear and an optional second passenger seat. Thus, the double cabin offers the largest interior volume of this class of vehicles.

The L Cabin is really multifaceted and very versatile. The driver’s cab is ideal for all tanker trucks and silo trucks, as well as for transporting timber, building materials and refrigerated products. Thanks to the reduced total height of the vehicle and the reduced weight, the L-cab allows a higher payload compared to larger models.

The LX driver’s cab is narrow, and is perfect for special applications with high payload on long-haul national transport, for example in tank transport. The aerodynamic front of the vehicle minimizes fuel consumption, and its comparatively lower weight offers a considerable advantage in terms of payload