MAN TGS Trucks Ireland


MAN TGS Trucks are vunique in its versatility: In local and distribution transport, in the yard, in utilities or as a specialist in difficult missions, the robust multipurpose truck will impress on all types of tasks. With the new and especially intuitive control unit, you have easy access to all important switches and functions. At each stop of the trip, there will be a new renovated rest area. We never saw such comfort.

Muddy forest paths and steep dirt roads are run with the same ease and efficiency of a motorway trip. Powerful traction means power on the road. Thanks to lightweight and consistent construction as well as intelligent efficiency systems, it provides significant cost savings. The MAN TGS is the type of truck that invests all the force in a single objective: the success!

With the new engine it has less noise, less vibrations, less emissions, thanks to the modern Common Rail injection, the D20 engine transmits greater efficiency.

With a mileage of up to 1.5 million kilometers and oil change intervals up to 140 000km, the reliability of the truck is maintained!

The D20 engine achieves a lot of power, with less fuel. This is because intelligent engine electronics calculate the timing of the injection and the required amount of fuel for all driving situations. Maintaining all efficiency and ecological awareness.

Regardless of the cabin you choose, MAN TGS always offers maximum comfort on board.

The driver’s cab M is the cabin of MAN’s smallest driver. Thanks to its compact dimensions and maximum payload, it is ideal for short journeys in local transport and distribution, in the construction industry or in utilities.

The L Cabin is really multifaceted and very versatile. The driver’s cab is ideal for all tanker trucks and silo trucks, as well as for transporting timber, building materials and refrigerated products. Thanks to the reduced total height of the vehicle and the reduced weight, the L-cab allows a higher payload compared to larger models.

The LX driver’s cab is narrow, and is perfect for special applications with high payload on long-haul national transport, for example in tank transport. The aerodynamic front of the vehicle minimizes fuel consumption, and its comparatively lower weight offers a considerable advantage in terms of payload.