A Look at Renault C Range Trucks


The C range trucks from Renault are made to cover heavy haulage sector and multi-wheeler construction. This truck can carry up to 120-tonnes GCW. You know that you can never go wrong with the Renault trucks since they are designed with the interest of the user in heart. This range c trucks offer the users the best total cost of ownership. This Renault trucks will ensure success in your business.

1.    3 Engine Series

One thing that makes the range C trucks unique is the series of three engines which have a 9 power ratings. Renault has chosen the Euro 6 engines for these trucks, and this guarantees the user with fuel savings.  The engine also has as a DTI 13 engine which helps the truck to function exceptionally. These are some of the essential qualities of a truck, and they will increase your profits with no doubt.

2.    Exceptional Payload and Body Options

The body of these trucks is designed exceptionally. They are high quality, and thus they offer the user with a unique payload. It is equipped with one reduction tandem axle, disc brakes, and wheel rims. They are all made with optimal unladen weight.

3.    Safety

Renault range C trucks reduce the need for manual handling and thus all the risks associated. It has an HMF crane counted behind lifts up to a height of 25 meters. It can carry up to one tonne. The SPV can load materials up to the roof. This also saves you money you would have used for manual handling

The Renault range C is designed for heavy construction. These trucks meet the SPV requirements. The twin fuel tanks enable the truck to be used for any job. It does not only meet the operation demands but also offers home to home comforts for drivers such as fridge, television, and microwave. Range C trucks are ideal for reducing logistics when clearing and setting sites. It is easy and fast to set up sites thus improving productivity.