A Look at Renault K Range Trucks


The Renault trucks can be found in all ranges. This company is known for the outstanding make of trucks. They make both trucks and construction tractor units. The range C and range K trucks serve almost the same purpose and almost have the same design. Range K trucks are designed for heavy construction to be used on construction sites.

1.    A load up to 120 tonnes

Range K trucks are made with steel shields and powerful protections. They have a high load capacity that goes up to 120 tonnes. They are thus the ideal trucks for ground clearance. Range K trucks are thus an excellent choice for construction industries. The trucks have a 32° angle of attack that happens to be the best in today’s market. This angle of attack is available for all-wheel-drive versions of the K range trucks.

2.    Euro 6 Engines

These trucks are equipped with the Euro 6 engines. They have a DTI 11 engine that features power outputs of 460, 430 and 380hp. Some are made with the DTI 13 engine which has power outputs of 520, 480 and 440hp. All the new models of the Range K trucks from Renault have a standard Optidriver gearbox.

3.    Lots of equipment and Bodywork Possibilities

The K range trucks have two cab widths which are 2.5m and 2.3m. These trucks also have several bodywork possibilities. A traction system which is found on the front axle is among the much optional equipment of the trucks. They also have an Optitrack which improves the motor function of the trucks.

Operators who have bought Renault trucks can attest they are more than just trucks. The K range trucks were made to replace the Kerax range. These trucks are appealing even to the most demanding operators and drivers. They are economical and efficient on fuel consumption which is a great plus.