A look At Renault T Range Trucks


Renault range T trucks have become very familiar on the roads these days. This company has captured a small but quite a substantial share of the competitive truck industry with the help of the range T trucks. It is one of the most interesting truck models, especially in the UK. Thus trucks are an ideal option for operators who want a completely flat floor truck. Let us see what makes the Renault range T trucks popular.

1.    More Comfort

Drivers who prefer a truck with a more comfortable space will find it in the range T of the Renault Trucks. It features a more than 2m headroom, cab rear width of 2.5m and a flat floor. You can also choose the Maxi space truck which is even more comfortable.

2.    Fuel Consumption

Every truck operator will want to use a truck that helps them to save fuel. Range T truck has been designed to reduce fuel consumption. It is also equipped with rational driving instructions, onboard technologies, and optimized unit weights. The services and equipment used to design this truck are standard to reduce fuel consumption.

3.    High Performance

Range T trucks have a system that monitors hours the driver has been driving, the driveline and also trucks the vehicle. In case the data get lost, it can be recovered from the drivers’ card and the tachograph. Drivers can also communicate with their operating base using Optifleet. The optifuelsystem equipped in the truck monitors the real time performance of the driver and gives them feedback.

4.    High Quality

Renault range T trucks have been made with robust and rigorously tested units, components and solutions. This truck has been reinforced to guarantee the operator with maximum durability and reliability.

Renault range T trucks are designed to meet the full expectations of customers. The trucks will save you fuel cost, reduce maintenance cost and thus increase profitability.