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A guide to Renault Trucks Ireland

Renault Trucks presented the four new lines of the “Euro 6” trucks to operate at great distances. At an event held in the French city of Lyon, the French manufacturer and builder invested about two million euros over the last seven years in the development of new lines of trucks that also received the five, eight, eleven and thirteen liters engines. The brand introduced the “Renault Trucks T” (instead of the “Premium” long-haul model) – with its aerodynamic cabin (developed with the aid of wind tunnel) that combines efficiency and low consumption – also suitable for operation distribution, construction and heavy loads.

For long distance transport, the manufacturer offers the range of 11 and 13 liter engines with automated transmission Opticruise, which now has a new speed management system. Another goal of the brand is to maximize efficiency and reduce fuel consumption – which is already a strong quality of Renault’s line of trucks. The design of the cabins is the strength of Renault Trucks. The models feature state-of-the-art automatic transmissions that reduce fuel consumption and maximize maintenance cost controls. For applications in the field of construction and heavy areas the brand has developed the “C” and “K” ranges (this is for the most demanding applications, requiring more robust vehicles with more obstacles to overcome obstacles).

As regards applications for urban distribution, the “D” models (for the class of 10 to 18 tonnes), the “D Wide” (of compatible gross weight for the graduated range of 16 to 26 tonnes ) and the state-of-the-art “D Access” truck (18/26 ton PBT model) – all optimized to deliver the best performance of vehicular aerodynamics.

By purchasing a Renault Trucks you can buy more than just a single truck. It has a full range of services designed to increase your profitability. You are therefore assured that your needs have been anticipated, that the reality of your activity has been taken into account and that your truck is a true development factor for your company!

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